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Navigate the complexities of paternity law with legal guidance you can trust

Choose the Law Offices of Aaron C. Smith to help you to fight for paternity rights, child support, or other aspects and protect your rights.

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Establish paternity legally using our experienced attorneys

You can establish paternity even in situations where the father may not wish to do so. Trust in our team to help you to get the results you need, including help with:

  • Acknowledged fathers - Fathers who must pay child support as the biological father of the child, even if the parents were not married
  • Presumed fathers - Fathers presumed to be the biological father or those who welcome a child into their home
  • Alleged fathers - Those who are believed to be fathers

Work closely with our team to take action to prove paternity in any of these or other methods. Establish paternity to further obtain support from the father of your child.

Take legal action to prove your case

Using an attorney who is on your side to fight for your rights, whether you want to establish paternity for your child, prove someone is the father through DNA testing, or show that you are not the father of the child.

Don't step into a courtroom without taking the legal steps necessary to protect yourself and your family. You can call on us to get your questions answered and your legal needs met.

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