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A Trusted Advocate
In Family Law And Estate Planning Matters

A Trusted Advocate
In Family Law And Estate Planning Matters

Divorce and other family law issues are never easy and can be particularly difficult, especially if you disagree with your spouse about how to parent your children. Law Offices of Aaron C. Smith, offers professional, compassionate, and trusted legal support throughout the divorce process. Our divorce lawyers and our team of family law experts can assist you with a multitude of issues in family law including divorce, child custody, child support and even paternity types of cases.

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Our child custody attorneys and divorce lawyers know how confusing and complex family law cases can be. There are many very serious and significant decisions to be made, and even when couples are in general agreement, these decisions can be difficult. Issues with the division of property, investments and other assets and the allocation of debt can become a quagmire if experienced family law attorneys are not involved.

Child custody and child support can be particularly challenging for divorcing couples. In these very emotional decisions that have short- and long-term effects on both parents, having a trusted, experienced lawyer by your side is critical to ensuring you and your children get what is fair. We take the time to work with our clients to understand their wishes, to protect their legal rights, and to fight on their behalf for a fair settlement in all family law cases.

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