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Court is theater

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Firm News

There’s an ugly secret that people don’t want to recognize. Court is as much theater as it is facts and law. In fact, sometimes it’s the theater that helps close cases go your way.

So treat your family law case like a production.

First, set the stage. Consider that everything you do, say or write (and this means text messages and social media posts) will be poured over. Doing things in bad faith like transferring money, running up credit cards or denying the other parent visitation, without good reason, will be judged by a harsh critic, the judicial officer presiding over your case.

Think before you act, even if it means a call to your lawyer. It will be money well spent.

Second, learn your lines and your motivation. Understand why you’re saying and doing but when you and your lawyer come up with a strategy, stick to it. Ad libbing is great for Will Farrell but not most family law litigants.

This is especially true in court. If you say something, it’s evidence. If your lawyer says it, it’s argument. That’s a huge difference.

Finally, costuming. Look the part. A professional appearance is important, especially when a court is looking at child custody or credibility of the parties. However, know the role you’re playing. If you are trying to convince the Court you can’t afford to pay the other party’s attorney’s fees, leave the Rolex at home.

Now, your production is ready to go! Break a leg!