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Grandparents can be caught up in the divorce, too 

On Behalf of | May 15, 2022 | Family Law

Divorce can take its toll emotionally on both spouses and the children. However, the impact of a separation stretches further than this too. 

Grandparents have a vested interest in their offspring and grandchildren. What can you do as a grandparent to try and make the divorce transition a little smoother? 

Lead by example

You’ve been around a lot longer than your child and their former partner. There isn’t much that you haven’t seen. Your experience may allow you to be a voice of reason during a tumultuous time. 

Occasionally, former partners may become so caught up in their own disputes that they neglect to consider the impact the divorce is having on the children. Even though the divorce is happening, they are still your grandchildren. Perhaps both parents may agree that it’s beneficial for the kids to stay with you for a while while they iron things out. Even the odd day trip away will create a welcome distraction for the children, and it will show them that you are still going to be around. 

Stay out of conflicts 

As a parent, it’s only natural to be biased and take the side of your offspring. Nonetheless, it’s important to fight these instincts if you can. Most of the time, there are two sides to any story and you should bear this in mind. By taking an impartial approach, you can prevent the relationship with your former in-law from turning sour. This means that they are far less likely to make it difficult for you to see your grandchildren. 

If you’re worried about what rights you have as a grandparent, it may benefit you to seek legal guidance from a knowledgeable party. After all, it’s in the best interests of your grandchild to stay in touch with you if possible.