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Do people usually see divorce coming?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Family Law

The divorce rate in the United States is said to be around 45%. Others will say that half of marriages end in divorce, but the truth is that the divorce rate has been dropping from the 1980s until today, so it is likely not that high.

Even so, this does show that divorce is very common. To some degree, it’s something that all couples need to be aware of. Any marriage can end in divorce at some point. Many people do see the signs and symptoms in advance, and some of them even go to marital counseling first.

Are you missing the signs?

That being said, people have sometimes said that they missed the signs when they were still married. They can only see them retrospectively. This can cause you to be blindsided when your spouse files for divorce – something that is most often done by women.

For example, a lack of conflict in the marriage can be a sign that that marriage is ending. But many people take it as a good sign, thinking that the marriage is going well. The truth is that there would be conflict because their spouse is unhappy, but their spouse has simply given up having those disagreements or arguments because they know they’re going to leave the marriage.

Another sign is simply when two people stop spending as much time together. This can be difficult, because it’s certainly fine for a married couple to have their own lives and not spend every minute together. But if two people find themselves preferring to spend time with friends or at work, that can show that things are not good at home.

If your spouse does end up filing for divorce, take the time to look into all of your legal options.