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Your role as a grandparent during divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Family Law

A divorce can hit everyone in the family quite hard, and this includes the grandparents. As a grandparent, you have to balance what you think is best for your own adult child with what is best for your grandchildren. This isn’t always easy.

You may think that you hold no power as a grandparent, but this isn’t true. During a divorce, you can be the voice of reason, which can help to minimize the negative impacts on your grandchildren. Outlined below are a few important factors to consider as a grandparent involved in a divorce.

The children always come first

There is no benefit for children being tangled up in the middle of disputes between adults. As a grandparent, you can take them away from all of this. Step in to look after them so that your adult child and their spouse can negotiate more efficiently. It’s vital that you don’t get in the middle of disputes between spouses yourself. Stay neutral and focus on the best interests of the grandchildren. Taking the side of your own adult child can be hard to resist, but it is important that you remain impartial throughout.

Lead by example

If the parents see you putting the needs of the grandchildren over everything else, then this can motivate them to do the same. Divorce is a highly personal issue, but the most efficient way to address it is actually to think of it like a business negotiation. The time for personal disputes has passed. What matters now is dealing with facts and reaching conclusions that suit the children.

As a grandparent, it’s also important to remember that you have rights. If you’re being denied visitation to your grandchildren, make sure you look into your legal options.