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Divorce mediation can be a better choice than litigation

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Family Law

The end of your marriage does not have to drive a wedge between you and your co-parent. You can settle your divorce amicably and continue working together in raising the children.

Besides, a contested divorce is expensive, time-consuming and often unpredictable. Neither parent knows what the judge will decide. Further, there is an elevated level of conflict in such proceedings as each parent seeks to have their way.

It is why you should strongly consider mediation in your divorce rather than facing off in court, especially when little ones are involved.

How mediation works

Mediation works by building consensus between the divorcing parties. If you can agree with your co-parent on the crucial aspects of your divorce, you are halfway there. The most contentious issues revolve around child support and custody, spousal support and property division.

The mediator, usually an independent and neutral party, will help you find a middle ground. Once both spouses are satisfied with the final agreement, they will sign it and formalize it in court as the final judgment.

A mediated divorce is faster, cheaper and less stressful than a litigated one. There is also the element of privacy and confidentiality unlike with a divorce that plays out in court. Most importantly, there will be goodwill from both sides since everyone directly took part in crafting the final agreement.

Protecting your interests after divorce

It helps to understand your rights and legal options during divorce. Do not sign off on anything you are uncomfortable with or make compromises that may come back to haunt you. Take your time and understand what you deserve from the divorce. Seeking legal representation as early as possible can help you make the right calls and avoid costly mistakes.