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Chance encounters with an ex

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Family Law

Post-divorce relationships can range from peaceful to contentious. Seeing a spouse in public following a marital dissolution can also be awkward. Others carrying strong emotional attachments find themselves reliving the pain of the relationship ending. Far too many allow their emotions to dictate their conduct, potentially making bad situations worse.

Particularly if children are involved, ex-spouses will live in the same area. The chances of “bumping into” each other are likely, requiring healthy ways to cope with the occasional encounter. The objective is to take a mature approach and show respect for your ex, not to mention for yourself.

Maintain boundaries in all settings

Spouses struggling with the occasional sighting of their ex should provide themselves with time to grieve. Negative emotions of sadness and anger are normal but still should go through a process of recovery. Boundaries are important to ease the process of moving on. Avoiding certain places and activities can limit contact.

Many couples initially meet in the workplace and fall in love. Some continue their employment after a divorce. While large companies can help to keep them separated, a smaller office with similar work schedules can increase the chance of bumping into an ex.

Mutual friendships are likely to continue post-divorce, particularly for couples who were together for a significant amount of time. The end of a marriage does not mean an end to a social circle that both enjoy.

Sidestepping social media

Staying off social media for a while is also a way to avoid certain temptations. Knowing that your ex will be somewhere with someone is a temptation that many will find hard to resist. Should a surprise Facebook post or tweet pop up, exes should prioritize civility and politeness, which is in the best interests of their children.

The pain of divorce takes time to heal. While avoiding or “ghosting” a spouse makes it easier, facing the realization that you are no longer together can bring healing.