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One important tip to help with co-parenting during divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2024 | Family Law

It’s often very difficult for couples to work together and cooperate when going through a divorce. They may be feeling a wide range of emotions, from sorrow to anger. Both people may blame the other for the end of the marriage. This is why divorce cases turn contentious.

However, a certain level of cooperation is necessary when parents are splitting up. Odds are that the court is going to divide child custody rights between both parents. Moving forward, they have to continue being co-parents, and their lives will always be at least somewhat intertwined. Thankfully, there is one simple tip that makes it easier to cooperate with your co-parent if you’re in this situation.

Put the kids first

What you need to do is focus on putting the kids first. Parents often find themselves in conflict because they are both fighting for what they want. But if both of you agree to put the children first and work toward the outcome that is best for them, it can be a lot easier to work together. You feel less like you’re giving something up. You’re trying to create the best possible life for your children.

This is also a good mentality to have because it’s the same focus the court has when dividing custody. They look at a range of factors, such as the child’s age, health, preferences and school situation. The court tries to divide physical and legal custody in a way that is best for the children. If you have the same focus, then everything is more likely to go smoothly.

If you and your spouse are going to be splitting up this year, especially if you think it’s going to be complicated, carefully consider all of the necessary legal steps to take.