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Setting Your Child Support Rights Or Obligations Straight

If you are separated or planning to separate from your child’s other parent, a child support order will clarify how each parent will meet their responsibility to financially provide for their children. California Child Support Services provides the California Child Support Guideline Calculator to help parents estimate which parent will pay the other, and how much the payer will be responsible for until a child reaches adulthood. To apply your data correctly and interpret the results as a family law judge will, reach out to an experienced family law attorney for guidance.

Is the other parent underemployed or is either of you self-employed? At the Law Offices of Aaron C. Smith, we hold valuable informative conversations with family law clients who will live with the results of child support calculations and court orders.

Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Child Support Calculations

Whatever child support order you end up with may have a great impact on your financial stability for years to come. If you should receive child support, let one of our attorneys help ensure that you receive appropriate payments while raising your child apart from the other parent. If you will need to pay child support, get the advice you need to ensure that your child support order is not more than it should be.

For paying parents, it is important to understand that failure to pay child support as ordered by the court can have serious consequences. It may result in legal and financial troubles that escalate and threaten your driver’s license, passport and even your freedom. Serious arrearages in child support payments can land you in jail.

Our family law attorneys are both approachable and professional. That is, we are empathetic while also keeping clients educated and informed about the importance of their child support obligations or opportunities. We will guide you through any phase of this area of the law in your family life, including:

  • Divorce proceedings or a paternity action if applicable
  • Determination of the amount to be paid through an original child support order
  • Enforcement of a child support order
  • Modification of a child support order after one or both parents’ circumstances have changed significantly

We will help you understand how child custody and visitation arrangements may affect your child support calculations.

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