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Through Guardianship, Protecting Children And Their Relationships With Adults Who Care For Them

Many people think of guardianship as a family law matter for good reason: Often, the person seeking guardianship is a grandparent, aunt, uncle or another extended family member. In fact, guardianship is usually arranged through the probate court and may include one or both of two types of guardianship for children:

  • Guardianship of the person, which gives the guardian custody of a child
  • Guardianship of the “estate” or property of a child

If you are a grandmother, grandfather or another family member seeking guardianship of a young person whom you care for or hope to care for, family law attorney Aaron C. Smith is ready to help you pursue this objective as efficiently as possible. Keep in mind that, with a guardianship, the child’s parents, if living, retain parental rights and can terminate the guardianship. Our attorneys help clients discover and pursue the right legal solutions to meet the needs involved in their situations.

Alternatives To Guardianship: When Parents Are Absent Or The Vulnerable Person Is An Adult

You may be a parent wishing to give a friend or family member the right to care for your child while you are hospitalized, in jail, stationed in the military abroad or otherwise unavailable. We can help you review your options for establishing a protective arrangement in such circumstances, possibly through a power of attorney for a minor child. This type of power of attorney will allow the person caring for your minor child to seek medical care, handle school matters and otherwise assume a custody-like arrangement, including duties typical of parents.

Perhaps you are a non-family member seeking legal rights to care for a child in need of protection. This type of guardianship case is usually handled through juvenile court. Child Protective Services (CPS) may be involved. Legal advice is essential.

If you are seeking a protective arrangement for an adult with disabilities in your family, a conservatorship is likely necessary. Schedule a consultation with an attorney at Law Offices of Aaron C. Smith to discuss your needs and objectives in this type of case.

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