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Family Law Attorneys Protecting Parental Rights In Juvenile Dependency Cases

A juvenile dependency or child dependency case typically involves actions by the Child Protective Services (CPS), part of the Department of Social Services, challenging a parent’s rights. Perhaps a complaint has been received at the state agency alleging that a child’s welfare is at risk.

Nearly all parents are rightfully frightened at the prospect of having their child or children taken from them. If you find yourself in this situation, contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

At the Law Offices of Aaron C. Smith, our clients know us as both approachable and professional. Our attorneys have been called “family law superheroes,” thanks to our ability to turn things around for families. Let us help if you are experiencing difficulties involving laws or government agencies that can wield great power over parents and children. We will listen carefully and respond to your sense of urgency while seeking to help you keep or recover the custody of your child(ren).

What You May Be Up Against, And How We Can Intervene For Your Family’s Sake

Have you been accused of abuse or neglect of your child(ren)? A child dependency court has the power to remove your child(ren) from your home and transfer them to the care of extended family members or foster parents. In a worst-case scenario, you could lose your parental rights.

As experienced family law attorneys, we have worked closely with a great many families in challenging custody and visitation cases as well as juvenile dependency proceedings.

As our team helps you fight to keep your child(ren), we will start with the assumption that you are a capable parent and work from there. We believe that you deserve no less than solid proof that this is not the case before the CPS should be allowed to rip your child(ren) from your home. We will defend your parental rights in situations such as:

  • An encounter with an emergency response worker
  • Child dependency hearings
  • A jurisdiction hearing
  • A child dependency disposition hearing
  • Subsequent review hearings

Don’t let the state take over your role as a parent without getting sound legal advice. If your children were already wrongly taken from you, we may be able to bring about justice through civil litigation.

We Are Here For You And Your Child(ren)

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