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Paternity Law: What You May Need To Know

If you have become or will soon become a parent outside of marriage, you should understand legal ways to protect your child’s rights as well as your parental rights. Determining the legal parentage of the father is often an important legal process for unmarried parents.

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Our Team Is Here To Assist You In Establishing Your Child’s Paternity

We hear from both mothers and fathers in paternity cases. Fathers often want to know how to confirm their relationship with a child, obtain custody or visitation rights, and understand child support obligations. Mothers often report that the fathers of their children are not willing to work with them to establish paternity. As a mother or father, through the services of an attorney, you can get assistance with:

  • Identifying alleged fathers who have not yet been legally determined as parents
  • Acknowledging fathers’ rights as well as their responsibility to contribute child support for the care of the children
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities of presumed fathers, such as fathers who are legally married to the mothers but may not be the biological fathers

Our attorneys will provide guidance to prove or disprove paternity in your case. Establishing paternity is a requirement to be able to move forward in pursuing child support and, for the father, to seek custody or visitation through the court system.

Take Legal Action To Confirm Or Disprove Allegations Of Paternity

An experienced paternity law attorney is a critical advocate who can help you prove paternity for your child or, when applicable, establish your parental rights of a child even if you are not the biological parent.

Understanding your options under the law is essential in taking steps to prove paternity and establish parental responsibilities. To speak with our paternity lawyer, call 760-974-8605 or email us. We are also available to help with surrogacy-related issues.