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Preserving your parent-child bonds now and after divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Family Law

Divorce can create a physical and emotional distance between parents and their children. While living apart is one challenge, there are deeper forces at play.

The emotional turmoil of divorce and disruptions in routine can make it difficult for children to maintain a strong connection with both parents – which is often a particular concern for noncustodial parents and co-parents who don’t have a lot of parenting time.

However, with proactive effort, you can bridge this gap and build a lasting bond with your children.

Close the distance: Connect regularly

Even when you cannot be together physically, make an effort to connect with your kids via video chats, texts and phone calls. Regular connections let your children know you are thinking of them and are available to talk. It can also encourage them to initiate contact when they need you.

Be a rock: Consistency is vital

Sticking to your child custody and parenting time schedule shows your dependability. It lets your kids know they can always count on you to be there, strengthening the foundation of your relationship. Compliance can also help if a dispute between parents arises.

Be their biggest fan: Support their lives

Show up and support your kids during activities like school plays or sporting events. Seeing you there to cheer them on demonstrates your love and interest. Consistent presence helps them understand that you are still a constant in their lives despite the distance.

Stay informed: Things can change

Continue following California child custody laws even after your divorce concludes. Accurate knowledge and experienced legal guidance can empower you to ask for modifications if your custody or parenting plan no longer meets your kids’ needs. The end result? Court orders that prioritize your children’s well-being and that help to ensure you have the time needed to maintain a strong bond.