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Your Divorce, Your Way

Just as every couple and marriage is unique, so, too, is every divorce. Your divorce is very personal, yet it will also involve your spouse, any children the two of you share and the appropriate family law court. The outcome may affect your financial stability for years to come. Your divorce deserves a thoughtful approach as well as careful legal analysis.

Whether you hope to end your marriage peacefully or face a more complex divorce, the legal team at the Law Offices of Aaron C. Smith, APC, has the experience you need to support your journey with confidence and respect. Our founding attorney is proud to lead a local, family-owned firm. Call us today at 760-974-8605 for a free consultation.

Protect Your Rights And Get The Right Results In Your Uncontested Or Contested Divorce

If you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce, you are many steps ahead already. However, don’t be surprised if you discover that, in fact, there are points of disagreement that require closer attention. You may resolve any differences through:

  • Negotiations
  • Collaborative law methods
  • Mediation
  • A trial

For best results, work with a lawyer who can flex their style to match your needs and preferences.

You can end a marriage with a peaceful agreement or through complex litigation, but either way, you need trustworthy, skilled legal representation by your side. We have the level of experience that you need to feel well-supported. Come in and talk to us about your situation. You can trust our attorneys to listen to your concerns. We will formulate a case to show why your proposed divorce settlement terms reflect the fair and equitable judgment that your divorce decree should include.

Be Sure You Are Getting What You Are Entitled To

Trust in our team to work hard for you to ensure that you get any spousal support you deserve during and/or after the divorce process. Work with us to establish your property rights in your favor as well as in conformity with California’s community property laws. Make sure that the child and custody orders you receive are in your child(ren)’s best interests and honor your parental rights.

This may well be the most challenging and emotional time in your life. We help our clients by providing them with solid advice and helping them navigate divorce proceedings efficiently. We will walk you through the process with your long-term best interests clearly in focus at all times.

Move Forward Toward The Goal Of An Equitable Divorce

Don’t delay. Don’t let your spouse’s attorney get the upper hand and work against you. As you prepare to complete your divorce, stay vigilant and ready to make the right moves at the right times.

Let us stand with you while fighting on your behalf whenever necessary. Reach us by phone at 760-974-8605 or email us to request a meeting with an attorney.